In the week we were in Italy, we didn't only go to school, we also made some trips to beautiful cities as Milano or Verona.

The first trip was to Milano and it was amazing. We went to this city by bus. First, we visited the breathtaking Duomo.

It is a church placed in one of the most famous parts of the city. The church is huge and has an enormous ceiling. Personally, my favourite part of the Duomo were the stained-glass windows, the different colours, shapes and drawings gave to the church a special and unique light.

Also, a really interesting fact in the Duomo is the golden virgin placed on the top of this church. Another place we visited in Milano was the Victor Emmanuelle Gallery, were the most famous and expensive shops in the world are, like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Victoria's Secret. In the afternoon we saw the Castle of Milano, where the great gardens and courtyards were really beautiful.

The second trip we did was to a very little city in the Lake Di Garda named Sirmione. We went crossing the Lake by boat. This city was very curious and very interesting. The first thing we visited was a Castle, where the sights allowed us to appreciate the lake and the whole city of Sirmione, the castle was very high and we reached the top and made some beautiful photos. Then, we visited the beach in the Lake and a museum which explained the Romans that lived there and some objects of the epoque. The thing that I liked most was a placed in the lake where the water was naturally warm, and some people had a bath there. Later, we returned to Desenzano by boat. One really good thing about this trip was a very little but delicious ice-cream shop near the Castle.

The day before we left Italy we went by bus to Verona, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Firstly, we saw the Arena, a Roman theatre which was really great. It was huge and we spent a lot of time visiting the whole monument. Secondly, we visited the house of Giulietta, where we saw the statue of Giulietta and all the graffities and padlocks which a lot of couples had left there. Finally, we had free time and visited a lot of souvenir shops and we visited the square of the Arena.

The day we left we went shopping to a shopping mall where we bought souvenirs. After that, we went by bus to the airport and returned back to Seville.



A few weeks ago some students from the course 4th of ESO went to Italy. Italian families hosted us and shared their everyday routine with us, and also we have visited some Italian cities.

We went to an adorable village in northern Italy near the beautiful Lago di Garda, called Desenzano. It is a splendid place and it has a lot of good restaurants, cafes, shops and a little port too. The first day we visited the village and we went to the main church called “Duomo”, the Roman villa and the splendid Roman castle. One day we went to have dinner to a restaurant too where all Spanish people ordered pizza, it was so big and yummy. The climate there is okay, similar to ours but a little fresher. In my opinion it is a comfortable place to live.

Although Desenzano is a big village, most of our Italian friends lived in other smaller villages around, such as Lonato, Calcinato or Castiglione that was a default because they had to take the bus every morning because most of them were far from the high school. The houses where we were hosted were cottages, really different from our houses here in Seville, and the environment was different too, it was peacefully and without so much contamination, but we got used to it quickly. In my case, I received a very good treatment from the family, they were very nice people and we had many good moments together. I have learnt a lot of their culture and traditions and I have learnt Italian too.

The high school where our friends go is called “Luigi Bazoli-Polo”, it was huge and full of people. There, Monica and Rossana, the English teachers, prepared some activities for us to do. We met the headmaster of the high school and we attended some classes such as Psychology, Italian, P.E, English… both teachers and students were so nice with us. The last day we made a flash mob at break time and we danced and had a very good time all together. Some days we ate together in the park that was next to the high school and we had very funny moments. We also went shopping with them to a shopping center in Desenzano. On the last day, we had a farewell party where we ate little pizzas and some typical Italian sweets.

The last day we were so sad to leave and the farewell was so emotive, but we hope to see them some other time because we have become very good friends.
Our exchange to Italy has been a very good and enriching experience. We have met many lovely people that will be our friends forever and we have learnt how people live in another country and what their traditions are and their way of education. We will never forget it!!!