The best summer of my life

        By Marta Gutiérrez García. 2º B de Bachillerato.

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    If I had to choose the best summer of my life, I wouldn’t doubt it a bit. Around two years ago, I went to L.A. to visit my uncle, my aunt and my cousins. I hadn’t seen them for 3 years and it was very exciting. Since we didn't have to pay for a hotel (because we were staying at my relatives’ house), we spent a month in California. It was something I had always wanted, and walking places I had seen in movies and tv shows was unbelievable. Of course, what I enjoyed the most was spending time with my family because i don’t get to see them very often. We visited many places like the Walk of the Fame, Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. But without any doubt, my favourite place was Disneyland. I could have never imagined that I was going to have such an amazing time there. It was magical, and I liked it that much that I convinced my aunt to take me again. It was something I will never forget, and I’m looking forward to coming back. Hopefully, I will visit them again this summer, but I’m still trying to put enough money together.      

          Living in a big city or living in the country?
     By Carmen Gutiérrez-Herrero García. 2º A de Bachillerato.

     Nowadays, in our modern society it is much more common living in a big city than in the countryside because cities have many facilities and different jobs offers. However, many people that have been living in the city decide to move to the countryside.
London. Photo taken from Colin/Wikimedia Commons
     On the one hand, life in the country is relaxing and you can enjoy nature and the peace and silence that you wouldn’t have if you lived in a big city. Furthermore, buying a house  is not as expensive as in cities.
     On the other hand, life in a city is easy because of the facilities that it has. Big stores and supermarkets, buses, trains, etc. In addition, there are plenty of things you can do in your free time. However, one of the biggest problems of living in a big city is traffic jam and pollution, that can increase health problems.
     To sum up, living in the country can be better for your health and less expensive than living in a big city but you can feel more comfortable with city life because it has plenty of leisure activities and more jobs offers than a small town.

        Viral videos
       By Marco Theiseu Claudio. 2º B de Bachillerato.

     We have all heard about viral vides.Viral videos are videos that suddenly become famous. They are normally short and funny. They get a lot of views in a short period of time and when a week goes by, nobody talks about them.
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     There are different opinions on viral videos. On the one hand , you could argue that these videos don’t have any interesting or educational content and they don´t do any good to the viewers.
     But, on the other hand (and I agree with this point of view), you could say that viral videos are good because they are funny and entertaining. Who can say no to having fun and laughing for a while?
     All in all, I understand people who don’t like viral videos but, personally, I think they are funny and enjoyable.