¿Es importante viajar para conocer y valorar otras culturas? ¿Hasta qué punto la amabilidad es el "aceite" que engrasa las relaciones sociales? ¿Cómo conseguir que nuestra casa sea una fuente de paz? ¿Cuál es la película con la que más te has emocionado? ¿Está la igualdad de oportunidades plenamente conseguida independientemente del sexo? Seguro que muchas de estas cuestiones han sido objeto de discusión en animadas conversaciones de bar. Y seguro que todos tenemos opiniones más o menos formadas sobre estos temas. Nuestros alumnos han debatido también sobre el asunto y nos cuentan algunas de las conclusiones a las que han llegado.

Visiting beautiful places.
By Julia García Borja, 2º Bachillerato B.

I have a long wish list with different places that I wanto to visit but if I had to choose I would go to these two places.

Firstly, I would like to visit New York, despite the fact that it could sound a Little typical. I spend hours watching TV series and a lot of them are filmed there. That´s the reason why I want to visit those places and feel as if I were, for instance, in Central Park from “Friends”.

Another place where I dream of spending holidays is Florence, as I have seen a lot of potos of my parents there on their honeymoon. Furthermore, they have told me a lot of stories while they were visiting its monuments and also an special place that I am looking forward to going that is known for having the best ice-cream in the world.

To sum up, Florence and New York are amazing places that I hope to visit in the future, but I would love to travel all over the world as much as I can.

Do Boys and Girls Have the Same Opportunities Nowadays?
By María Bernal Vaya, 2º Bachillerato A.

Women have been fighting for years for their rights and equality. It is true that society has advanced in that sense, but do men and women have the same opportunities in life nowadays?

On the one hand, girls now have it easier to access an education, study and work, compared to how it was some years before, when they had to focus on housework and their children and only men could study and have a job.

On the other hand, it is true that the situation between males and females is still quite different. It has been proven that sometimes men are paid more than women even if they have the same job conditions. Moreover, there are some work fields where the majority of workers are men and they are given the best job offers.

To sum up, although girls and boys may have the same opportunities in general, and a lot of progress has ben done, there still exist some differences between them that should be erased.

My Ideal Home.
By Pablo Hernández Serrano, 2º Bachillerato A.

If I had the chance to live in any house I wanted, I would give it several unique featuresI Will mention now.

First of all, I would like it to be very advanced, as regards technology. A new field of IT has recently been developed, called “Internet of things”, which allows smart home appliances to connect with the others . As an example, one could wake up, open the Windows with a remote control, while the coffee machine would automatically power on and start pouring some coffee.

Furthermore, were I to choose my energy sources, it would be terrific to have solar panels installed on the roof of the house. It would, obviously, reduce drastically my electricity consume and therefore it would lower the bills. It would also have a positive impact on nature, since a great fraction of generated electricity comes from fossil fuels which are pernicious to our ecosystem.

In summary, I do not have a lot of preferences regarding furniture or the design of the interiors, but I do care considerably for a home which would be both modern and sustainable.

Why is Kindness so Important?
By Julia Olaffson Pulido, 2º Bachillerato C.

Sometimes our society lacks of kindness, which leads me to think that I could spread some kindness in order to make people feel better.

Since I was a child I liked being kind with others, to treat them as I would like to be treated. I felt really good when I helped people and, I still feel awsome when doing it. For example, when I have to order something in a restaurant or a shop I always say “please” and “thank you”. This way, employees can feel better and they often treat you very well if you are kind. In restaurants I often tell the waiter or the waitress that the food was amazingly good and that it tastes like heaven. Another act of kindness I like doing is giving money to street performers because they try to make a living out of what they have.

To sum up, I would say that I always like being kind to others and as a reward I always get a smile and a wonderful feeling.

Enjoying Movies.
By Teresa Rivera Cardenete, 2º Bachillerato D.

“Movies” is a really interesting topic when it comes to get in touch with someone, there are all kinds of movies to talk about in order to discover common points to talk about with people.

My favourite movie is “Mamma Mia”. Mamma Mia is a romantic comedy about Donna, a woman who got pregnant at a really young age while she was living on a Greek island.

Firstly, when she graduated from university she decided to travel around the world. While she was travelling, she met three different boys and later, when she realised she was pregnant it was imposible to know who the father of the baby was.

Secondly, years after, Sophia, Donna´s daughter, is going to get married and, for the wedding, she decided to find the identity of her father inviting the three men to the celebration.

To sum up, “Mamma Mia” is my favourite movie because it´s really funny to watch and, also, because I adore the Greek landscape.

Travelling ... one of the best things.
By Cecilia Carrasco Díaz.

There are many unknown places all over the world that are amazing and where everybody should be able to go. Unfortunately, in this day and age, people are so stressed with their own routines that they don´t realise that they aren´t taking advantage of all the peaceful places which are available for them to relax.

On the one hand, Spain is a wonderful country which everyone should visit, specially Spanish people. There are every type of sceneries such as beaches, mountains, big cities like Madrid or places where it snows such as Sierra Nevada. Moreover, Spain has a unique gastronomy, which everyone misses when they go abroad.

On the other hand, there are a lot of places to visit in the world, but i would like to visit the relaxing beaches of the Caribbean, or places like Bali, since they have a different culture and lovely sceneries to enjoy.

To conclude, visiting all the cities of Spain would be an exciting idea, as well as visiting other places of the world such as the ones that have been mentioned.

Gender Equality?
By David Bomba Bastos, 2º Bachillerato A.

In today´s society, the differences beween genders are decreasing. In theory, boys and girls are supposed to have the same opportunities and rights. But the real question is, do they?

To start with, it is true that ,according to the law, boys and girls do have the same opportunities. Nevertheless , this does not happen in today´s society, since employers tend to search for a specific gender. This usually happens in fields such as physics, chemistry, sciences that traditionally have been investigated by men.

Another point to take into consideration is education. Nowadays, the basic educationis free so that everyone has the same opportunities despite his/her gender. More advanced education is equally accesible for both genders as long as you work hard enough or have enough money.

To conclude, in reality, boys and girls do not have the same opportunities as they are supposed to, so what we all need to do is to keep on trying to reach equality.

Home Sweet Home.
By Alberto Ruiz Gómez, 2º Bachillerato A.

When asked about their ideal home, many people may respond with a big house next to the beach. However, I consider that to be quite ambitious.

My ideal home would not only be of a humble size, but also far from big cities. This is because a big house is more than what is needed and would be harder to maintain. Moreover, If I had the opportunity, I would live in the countryside or in a small village. This would allow me to be close to nature and escape the stress of the city.

In addition, I would have solar panels set up in order to get electricity in a cheap and ecological way.
To sum up, my ideal house would de a small house in the countryside powered by solar panels, where I would live a simple life.

Being Friendly and Warm.
By Pedro Triano Garrote, 2º Bachillerato C.

Being friendly is one of the best things you can be as a person. People appreciate kindness and it can help others on their daily struggle.

As a kind person I don´t do anything special or hard. I am a kind person because I always say hi to others, I try to help in everything I can or I just smile to everybody around me. Being kind, in my opinion, brings you a lot of positive things: you feel good helping people, even if it is a complete stranger. Also, if you´re kind, you spread that kindness, and peple around you treats you in a very different way.

und me are also kind to me, because they are kind by themselves or because I am also kind to them. Anyway, they are always there for me when I need help with something and they are people I feel comfortable with. Being kind is not that hard, for example, they always say hi every morning or, at least they treat you with respect and love.

To sum up, be kind! It will give you better social reletionships and it also will make you feel good. If everybody spread kindness, the world would be a better place.

About Cinema.
By Gonzalo Málaga Díaz, 2º Bachillerato D.

It is undeniable the movies are one of the greatest ways to get entertained, but I am not a big fan of them. Obviously, I have seen a lot of movies in my life, but nowadays, I haven´t seen a movie in a while. 

That´s why I don´t have a large list of films to choose my favourite one, apart from children´s ones that I used to see when I was younger. During these last years, I have seen a lot of different movies like adventure, action, romantic or fiction, but as I see it horror films are the worst kind that exists. Although it would be a difficult decision to choose my favourite one, I know that horror films wouldn´t be in my options.

In conclusion, I don´t have a lot of memories of of great films appart from when I was younger, so my favourite one would be one of them, but I can´t decide.

Jobs Fill your Pocket, Trips Fill your Soul.
By Alba López Gibbs. 2º Bachillerato B.

I consider travelling one of the most important things we can do in our life. We only live once and staying in the place we have grown up all our lives is incredibly boring.

The fist place that comes to mind is Japan. Japan is an excentric country, at least I have heard it is. I would love to try actual local foods, not the imitations we find here in Spain.

I would also love to take a lot of potos, specially of the beautifully decorated streets. The aesthetic in Japan is amazing in many ways, clothing, make up, architectural buildings, decoration, it is basically a mixture between really old traditional buildings and one of the most technological and modern countries in the world!

I would also like to visit the United States, there are many states but specially I would like to visit California. I would love to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles and manu other coastal cities there.

I am really excited to visit Sillicon Valley.I have read that you can have a guided tour and as I am a bit of a geek, if I may say so myself, I would visit Apple Park, Tesla, Microsoft, Google headquarters, etc…

Making Kindness the Norm.
By Clara Quero Molina. 2º Bachillerato C.

In a world ruled by hustle culture, materialism and individualism, many think that acts of kindness are rarely seen daily in our socity. I personally believe that this is not true and my arguments are going to be supported by using personal experience.

Firstly, I always try to help my classmates and friends when they are feeling overwhelmed by exams or stressful situations by being empathic, patient and a good listener. Moreover, I usually make them feel better by encouraging them to practise relaxation and meditation techniques that relieve anxiety.

On the other hand, my family, friends, and classmates cheer me up when I feel unmotivated and my self-steem is low by giving me a positive perspective.

To sum up, although we live in a world that can be ruled by individualism and materialism, I feel that empathy, mindfullness and optimism are good ways of being kind to others.

About "Up". 
By Esteban Marínez García, 2º Bachillerato D.

In relation to movies, I would like to talk about “Up”, a well-known movie that almost everybody should have seen at least once.

It is about an old man who is always in a bad mood. He lives in a small house and he usually spends his time reading newspapers or just watching TV. The reason why he is always in a bad mood is because his wife died some time ago and they were a couple with many things to do together. 

It was one day when a young boy with a great behaviour appeared in his life. At first, our main character got furious because he didn´t want that child to tease him, but as time went through, they became two great friends who achieved many goals together.

During their travel around the world in its flying house, they had to fight against their enemies. They were bad people who wanted to kill both but they could survive. There is a quite emotional scene when the old man arrives at a mountain and shows a photo of his wife, just because they promise doing that together.

Honestly, “Up” is the only film able to make me cry and without doubts, you learn a lot about life and love seeing it. That is the reason.

Travelling, School of Living.
By Carlos David García, 2º bachillerato B.

I am a big fan of travelling. Exploring new cultures, visiting football stadiums…, it´s a great experience and it allows me to take a break from the stress of studying. There are a lot of places I have not visited yet, so, which are the ones I´d like to visit the most?

First, I would like to talk about London, a place where lots of cultures come together, Indian, Korean, French… which gives the city a great gastronomy and a wide range of restaurants.
London also has a very big football culture, there are a lot of stadiums such as Wembley, where England´s national team plays and Stanford Bridge, where Chelsea Football Club plays.

My second choice, but not less important, would have to be Athens, the cradle of civilization, a city with undoubtedly one of the richest cultures in the world. There is also a great football culture and one of Greece´s most important clubs plays there, AEK Athens.

A hope to visit these places in the near future and I recommend everyone that can aford it to visit these great travel destinations.