Por Álvaro Morillo Rodríguez 2º Bachillerato C

    Throughout history, the world of sports has completely changed, especially the most popular: football. The economic interests of different groups of businessmen has led to a transformation that has made the sport more like a spectacle to generate wealth than an activity whose main purpose is to have fun.
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    First of all, it is impossible to believe that the football that our parents and grandparents lived will return. We have gone from the football schedule where the matches were always on Sunday at 5 pm to a disparity of schedules during the weekend in order to satisfy television networks. Moreover, money has become such a primary objective that, for example, the Spanish Football Federation has organized a Spanish Supercup final out of the country between Sevilla FC and FC Barcelona in Tanger (Morocco).
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    Secondly, we have experienced how the football fan has been undervalued. Now they have to go to the stadium on Sunday night having work or school the next morning, pay high prices for their season ticket… In fact, it is a contribution for those who want to inflate their pocketbooks more and more.

    All in all, I think there is no turning back to that nostalgic football, but it is important to preserve their values such as respect, fair play, teamwork or effort.



    Al finalizar el trimestre (diciembre 2022), las inclemencias del tiempo no permitieron que jugáramos nuestros tradicionales campeonatos deportivos prenavideños de fútbol, voleibol y baloncesto. Afortunadamente, la meteorología sí nos dio un respiro en las siguientes competiciones: Semana Santa 2023. Aquí os presentamos a los ganadores de las diferentes categorías, recogiendo sus medallas de manos de nuestro director.
    Nuestro particular agradecimiento a los organizadores del torneo, los alumnos de último curso Guillermo García, Enrique Alonso, Diego Naranjo, Jesús de la Fuente, Ignacio Díaz, Miguel González y otros.  

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